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Insole of shoes

The insole is the interior portion of the shoe that attaches the outer sole to the body of the shoe.

This portion of the shoe has many functions, including absorbing foot sweat, absorbing shock from walking or running and adding comfort or arch support.

The insold comes in many different styles. Typically, insoles are made of an absorbent cellulose board with additional features based on the type of shoe. For instance, running shoe insoles typically have an absorbent material in the insoles.

Additionally, removable insoles come in various styles, including massaging, orthotic and arch support. These insoles can be inserted into the shoe to provide added comfort and support.


The midsole is the portion of the sole that is between the visible outsole and the insole.

The function of this part of the sole is largely to reduce shock produced by walking and running. Some shoes, particularly women’s flats, don’t have midsoles.

Walking and running shoes frequently have midsoles made of a thick padding that is placed between the insole and outsole, particularly around the heel, where most of the shock occurs during daily use.

This material must be flexible in order to allow the wearer full range of motion in his foot.

The outsole is the visible portion of the bottom of the shoe that attaches to the body of the shoe and contains the insole.

Because the outsole is the part of the shoe that comes into contact with the ground,

The outsole is visible on the outer portion of the shoe; outsole styles vary based on the type of shoe. For instance, work boots feature outsoles typically made of an extremely durable synthetic material with grooves on the bottom for comfort and traction.

it’s often made of non-slip materials that enhance durability and allow for better traction.

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